I am a firm believer that, in all things, balance is eventually restored to everything we do. For every positive, there is a negative somewhere. Sometimes the positive, or negative, is harder to see... but it's always there.

When I moved out here, it was a huge positive for me. I finally got to take my career to the next level, becoming a Brand Manager after years of being an assistant. It was also the first time I had left my hometown of Seattle, WA. I know that it sound weird to list moving away from home as a positive, but for me, it was a move that I felt was necessary for me to really prove to myself that I was on the right track and doing what was best for my wife and kids.

The one thing that I miss the most are the events that my family did together. The biggest of them every year is Race for a Cure.

I've introduced you to my Mother, or as she prefers to be called Nana. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Race for a Cure was the on event that we, as a family, did to show our support for her in her fight against one of the deadliest diseases.

This year's event was Today (June 1st). I wish I could have been there. My sister sent me this pic of Nana photobombing Papa before the walk began.

Joey Dee

This is the first time in over 8 years that I was not home for this event. Even before my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I was a part of this event through the radio stations I was working for. I would always volunteer my time for such an important cause.

Today reminds me how much I really do miss my family. I miss my family... and I will make it home soon.

Until then, I will look forward to seeing the photos from the events to keep the connection to my family as strong as I can.