Last night, Psycho Shanon took to her blog to give us some insight to her recovery after having brain surgery on November 11th.

My neurosurgeon says that I'm doing really well. But let's face it. I had brain surgery. They cut into my head and went into my brain with tools and stuff. That's a pretty bug deal. I had the surgery on November 11, stayed in ICU for a few days, a regular room one or two days ( I think), and they let me go. Yeah!

The surgery was successful, getting 99% of the tumor that caused her to have the surgery in the first place. Recovery early on was going well... but it hasn't always been a smooth road for her.

I was back in the ICU or CCU last week. My head was leaking and my neurosurgeon told me to go to the ER to have it checked. They admitted me pretty quickly because you can't risk infection with something like this. I was on IV antibiotics and all the other meds. I went in on Saturday and got out on Thursday, I think. I don't know what day it is now, so don't hold me to those days of the week.

Beyond updating us on what's happening with the recovery of the surgery and the medical details she can remember, she take some time to tell us about how she's handling it emotionally

Crying has become my hobby. This is so not me. One day I went to the doctor thinking it was something simple and the next I have two guys digging in my skull. I don't miss work. I don't depend on people to meet my needs. But that's all changed. Now that's exactly who I am and it stings.

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