If you are married to, related to or a best friend of a North Dakota race car driver then you know how important it is to be in the Dacotah Speedway stands for every race. This tradition became part of my world because my friend's husband is Travis "Wild Child" Ulmer, I then became friends with the family of Trace Domagala.Friday night's we grab our beer,seeds and video camera to keep up with every heat.

Cheering on "Wild Child" at Dacotah Speedway

Tonight is a great night to see some of the best in MOD Racing as the Dakota Modified Tour wraps up tonight featuring some of the best racers from across our region and Canada as well. Expect to see over 81 modified car's tonight including my friend's "Wild Child" and Domagala- I know their family member's will be screaming their names and cheering loudly.Be a part of the action tonight 7 p.m. at the Dacotah Speedway.