According to a new study released this week shows left handed people make less money than right handed people.

According to, the study indicates that left-handed people earn up to 12 percent less than right-handed  people. Those are the finding from Joshua Goodman of Harvard's Kennedy School of  Government.

His study also indicated that lefties have more behavioral and emotional problems and  typically "work in occupations requiring less cognitive skill." He asserts  left-handedness is also associated with lower birth rate and other prenatal  issues, so that may cause developmental problems for some.

I don't know how left handers will feel about this. I thought that most US presidents were left handers. After research, I found that we have only had a few lefties as presidents.  As recent, we have had a left handers is the White House. Clinton, Obama and GW Bush are all lefties.

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Personally speaking I find that left handed people are more creative and deep thinkers. I do not have research to back that statement up, it's only an observation from my daily walk in life! I also found that playing a left hander in tennis (if you're right handed) is very difficult. They seem to be able to place the ball on the court where a righty can't get to.

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