In preparation of next week's Major League Baseball All-Star Game festivities, Target Field introduced self-serve beer dispensing machines during Sunday's game.

The machines, called DraftServ, basically allow people attending the game to decide how much beer they want.

Here's how it works: You go to a kiosk and prove that you're of legal drinking age. At that point, you're given a debit card, which you fill with either $10 or $20. You then take that card to the DraftServ machine, swipe it, and decide how many ounces of beer you want.

Bud and Bud Light will cost 38 cents an ounce, while Shock Top Lemon Shandy and Goose Island 312 Pale Ale will cost 40 cents.

Basically, the machine gives the patron more control over how much beer they can get. Instead of one or two sizes, they can decide exactly how many ounces of beer they can have at any given time.

And, don't worry, these machines don't eliminate the need for labor, according to ESPN. There will still be an employee at the machine to check IDs, if the patron doesn't look old enough to be purchasing alcohol.