Yesterday, on the show I posed the question why is gas $4.15 in North Dakota on a Friday morning? By the time I was off work gas was $4.29 per gallon. I had received an anonymous tip that 3 refineries were down and would continue to be down during early summer. Ouch to all of our pockets!

I head to the Cenex when I get off work to fill up, I look at how prices in our town have increased since 7 am , 15 to 25 cents. I go inside and ask the Cenex guys "Are a lot of people asking you about gas prices ?", a customer service man says "Yes, here's what is going on- there are 3 refineries down and we get our gas from the east coast so with those two things combined it's created the current situation". Another customer care representative stated that "The Beulah gas refinery was scheduled to be shut down next week". I thanked the guys and I also learned when you pay cash at Cenex stations you automatically get money back on your gas purchase.

Then I started researching more about these down refineries in our region and how long this gas price inflation would last. I discovered refineries are down in Oklahoma,Illinois,Indiana and Kansas.We are expected to endure higher fuel prices for at least 3 weeks with supply being lower in our area and increase in demand. So go fill up today because who know's how much the price may change and check out the cash purchase savings option at the local gas stations to help your wallet.