Seriously, there is a nasty cold/flu, fills your chest and nose with ick and gives you a sore throat bug floating around. You will try your hardest to fight it and someone may bring it to your job, gym, daycare or family celebration.No one ever wants to be sick and its kind of the sick person to stay home so no one has to experience their germs. What is your plan of action if you feel the "Sicky Icky's" creeping upon you?

Here are my suggestions:

1) Lysol and disinfect everything.

2) Mass doses of Vitamin C in every form- orange juice, tablets, eat lemons, more juice, fruit.

3) Soup, soup , soup!

4) Rest, rest, rest even when you think you should be social rest and heal up.

5) Avoid people if possible so no one gets your germs.

6) Clean and disinfect some more.

7) Launder everything you used while you were sick- clothes,blankets,towels- get the memories of the germs out of your environment.

8) Watch things that make you laugh, talk to people who love you, listen to music you enjoy -it will automatically boost your spirit naturally.

9) Get some fresh air.

10) Think about once you are better you can go full speed back into your life!

Take good care of you, you are valuable :) Wishing you lots of good health!

What's your quick cure to the "Sicky Icky's"?