Finals week is upon most of us and I have already knocked out all the tests that I had with my last FINAL OF THE YEAR today at 3pm! Looking back I asked myself, “Did I use the tips that I posted the other day?” The answer is, yes I did. I got my study time in, I made sure that the notes I took were clear and understandable, I went to bed early, and I ate a delicious breakfast. But, there was one thing that I kind of pushed to the side thinking that, “hey, I have taken finals a few times before I think I’m over it.” The thing I am talking about is a huge killer of the grades…Test Anxiety!
I go into my Statistics final on Monday morning confident that I will pass with ease, I know the formulas, I understand the work, and I got this! The paper is placed in front of me and BOOM! All that information I had in the front of my mind was gone like my money on Black Friday. I spent a half hour on the first problem! I sat back in my chair, collected my thoughts and looked over all the problems and knocked out the ones that I knew were easy. I worked my way around the hard problems until the end and when it came time to turn in the paper I was sure I did good.
I’m sure everyone has a way to tackle test anxiety, and I’m sure you will all do fine. Just keep in mind not to stress over one problem too long. If one is stumping you, skip it and come back to it later. Don’t waste your time on one problem because before you know it that 2 hour test is down to 15 minutes and you are still on the first problem.
I am interested to hear some of your crazy stories of test anxiety and what you did to overcome it! Share with us your tips and tricks to get passed that icky feeling when you are stuck on one problem.