If you ever doubted that things now are way different than they used to be, look no further than this list of 10 things graduating high school seniors haven't had to experience.

The list comes from Matchacollege.com, who found that high school students born in the early 90s and preparing to graduate in 2014 have had a uniquely more connected lifestyle than those born in the 80s and earlier.

Topping the list of things they've never had to live without is the Internet, regular emails and cell phones. It's also worth nothing that before GPS, apps and Apple's Siri, paper maps were the go-to source for directions during road trips and vacations.

Other previously common things the class of 2014 hasn't had to experience: returning VHS tapes, using an actual dictionary, thesaurus or encyclopedia and only using cash to pay for stuff.

We took some calls on this, and here's what some of our listeners had to say: