Your women's roller derby superstars the Bisman Bombshellz are taking over HOT 975 this week leading up to their bout this Saturday night at the Bismarck Civic Center! If you've never had a chance to see live women's roller derby action, physical competition, and the mix of fishnets and smack downs you can experience it live this Saturday night at 6pm at the Bismarck Civic Center. When you fill the stands you support local sport, local charities, have a good time and get to see some intense fast track action and did I mention there is beer there too!

Bout starts 6pm:

Bisman Bombshellz (A) vs. Pile O Bones (Regina,Canada)

Bisman Bombshellz (B) vs. Forx Syrens (Grand Forks,ND)

Want to buy tickets or want to join the team? Visit here! You can stop by Reza's Pitch and Rhythm Records to buy tickets too!

Listen for your favorite Bisman Bombshellz all this week on HOT 975 and see you at the bout!