If you're not sure if the selfie and a cheesy profile are enough to reel you in, you can always swipe left whenever the house music starts playing.

Remember the days of MySpace? People had songs that played as soon as you opened their profile. Well now as you're swiping away for that special person on Tinder, a Tinder "Anthem" may play as you check out your potential next match on their profile page. This is thanks to Spotify, as you can now connect your Spotify account to your Tinder profile.

Let's be honest, music taste is important! Sometimes, it's even a dealbreaker! How can you be with someone when you don't respect their music taste? Those who take advantage of this feature will also have their most-played songs show in their Tinder profile. Your Tinder Anthem will show up under your undeniably cute and witty profile, and can be played whether or not your Tinder stalker has a Spotify account.

There you have it, Tinder Anthems are now a thing. Please swipe responsibly.

Source: Engadget