So by now you've recovered from New Years and are finally starting to settle in to the groove of 2013, right? You may be back to working after time off because of the Holidays, or, like me, you may be back in school.

I've started off some semesters on the wrong foot, so I'm going to give you three things to help you start of this semester right:

1. Make sure you have something to keep your organized whether it's a calendar, planner, or an app on your phone. This way you can write down important deadlines and due dates for assignments.

.2  Make at least one friend that's in the same class as you. This way, if you miss class one day or forget the assignment, you can text or call them and ask.

3. Have your teacher's number handy, whether it's in your phone or car. If you have an emergency and can't get to a computer to e-mail them, having their phone number will allow you to contact them.

Do you have any tips that you are using to start your semester off right?