In honor of the 5 year anniversary of the passing of the King of Pop, I wanted to share my 5 favorite Michael Jackson songs.With a catalog of songs that spans more than 3 decades, it's hard for me to pick just 5 songs that are my all time favorites... but I'll try.

In no particular order...

  • Smooth Criminal

    There's just something about his movements through this video that is absolutely mesmerizing! This song has been covered more than I care to remember... but I still love the original more than them all.

  • Wanna Be Starting Something

    Now here's a song that has withstood the tests of time, and STILL is a hit with young and old alike. I've never played a Michael Jackson track at a party that goes over with the whole crowd as well as this one.

  • Bad

    Who DOESN'T know the lyrics to the chorus of this song? This track defined an entire decade of pop music for me.

  • Jackson 5 - I'll Be There

    I know this is going WAY back, but how can you not include something from the Jackson 5 days on any top songs list. By far, my personal favorite

  • Thriller

    The greatest music video ever produced! The song is just as good.