Most of us will tell you that we need caffeine in one form or another just to get through the day. But what if you could get the same rush you get from caffeine without having to actually ingest any? Science -- and kittens -- may hold the key!

YouTuber Reactions has come up with a list of things you can do at work that will help you get through your day awake without the caffeine.

Among their suggestions, they suggest you take time to watch cute kitten videos!  So, when your boss comes around and tries to tell you that watching a kitten play with a ball of string isn't work related, you can tell him that taking the 2 minutes to watch the video will increase your productivity exponentially!

Among other things you can do, you can get outside for a bit of sunshine, play your favorite music, or simply just make sure that you stay hydrated.

So set aside that gigantic Red Bull and click on the cat videos!