If you're someone who has enjoyed living your life six seconds at a time on Vine, your time is up.

Twitter is killing Vine, the app that included videos in six-second increments that was meant to be an extension of Twitter. Within the next few months, Vine will be discontinued.

After losing their co-founders in the past couple years, Vine announced several layoffs and Twitter itself, laid off 9 percent of their staff. Although it was said to be the next big thing when it was launched, Vine failed to progress after being surpassed by other apps. The launch of video on Instagram helped put a nail in their coffin, as did Twitter itself, by slowly adding its own new features at a snail's pace.

Vine will continue to stay up, as will all Vines that have been posted, at least for now. All Vines that have been created are still accessible and downloadable for the time being.

Several recording artists have even got their start on Vine, most notably, Shawn Mendes. It was an avenue for new artists to drop clips of music and comedic bits, albeit in only six seconds.

The question remains, what will happen with Twitter? Recently, a sale of the company failed when no one would bid its asking price. It has a community of millions and is a fun tool to network and make snarky random comments on, but its future remains unclear.

Source: The Verge