With only a handful of shopping days left before Christmas and the mall scene getting crazier by the minute, you might find it in your best interest to do some last-minute shopping online and check the overnight shipping box.

But beware when having those packages delivered. As most packages are delivered while the average American works, many get left on the front porch, where they might find their way into the hands of phantom Grinches like the one in the video above.

The 23 million people who say they've been the victim of holiday mail theft know all-too-well how the recipients of this package must feel at having it filched. Says Bismarck Police Sgt. Mark Buschena:

For the person who has property stolen from them, yeah it's a pretty big deal. One person lost a thousand dollars worth of clothing. And even though the shipper will probably replace that, it may not come in time for Christmas. So another Christmas spoiled.

KFYR TV suggests some ways to minimize the chances of having precious packages stolen this holiday season:

Have your packages delivered to your workplace or a family member if you won't be home. Some carriers like UPS will hold your items for pickup. Sign up for delivery confirmation. FedEx even has a smartphone app where you can track your delivery in real-time and even request a change to the drop off time.

Lastly, call Bismarck Police at (701) 223-1212 if you happen to have witnessed one of these thefts in the area, or have any information about them.