24/7 Wall St. recently published a report that ranks beer consumption by state and the states that consume the most soda. The results are interesting.

According to 24/7 Wall St., North Dakota does not rank in the top 23 states for consumption of soda. After all, soda is linked to obesity and in some cases diabetes.

North Dakota did rank pretty high in the consumption of beer. The top states for the consumption of beer seem to be centered in the upper Midwest. Here are the states that consume the most beer:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. North Dakota
  3. Montana
  4. South Dakota
  5. Vermont

Over all, beer drinking has declined across the country {down by 4% since 2011) but still generates $252.6 billion annually.

In North Dakota, we drink about  40 gallons of beer per capita annually and are the state with the highest amount of binge drinking adults at 25%. We also have the highest alcohol-related car accident death rate in the country among adults at 47.3%.

Additional statistics can be found here.