I posed this question to someone I value greatly. I said look at this question and answer it deeply. Then I proceeded with my answers and I shared how I told my fears they are not allowed to exist in my life. I speak boldly, I make moves, I am conciously living my life, I show up very clear and intentional. This way of life is not easy because you have to look at your life, thoughts,actions, choices, words, motives ....you cannot run from yourself. Then you are faced with who people think you are or what people think you should do. Fear would never have brought me to North Dakota when other people could not value all that makes North Dakota great, fear would have kept me in Atlanta with a little dream, fear would have kept me out of working in sports, fear would have kept me at a safe job,making a safe salary instead of touching people's lives. Fear would have told me there's no way a multiracial girl from a single parent home could go far.

How many times has fear paralyzed you? How many times have you not done something because you were scared? There is nothing to be scared of- even if other humans say be afraid DON'T. I am leaving some words from my heart below so if you get scared you can move past your fears and live in ways you never knew were possible.

On my roughest day, let me remember love

When others come to bring me down, let me remember love

When people hate and I cannot understand, let me remember love

When every other thought doesn't make sense, let me remember love

When I show up do I bring love or hate

It's the process of searching my soul daily, I fail and then I try again to always remember love

How else do we eliminate hate ? Remember love!