Huffington came out with a list over the weekend of the top brands being searched for in each state.

Finance company Direct Capital conducted the survey. Here is how they did this according to Huffington Post-

The company analyzed Google Trends' per capita search data for some of the top 200 consumer brands and displayed the most popular company in each state.

Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

Most of the brands searched in each state have their headquarters in those particular states. For example, in Minnesota, Target was the top brand searched in the Minnesota Nice State. Wisconsinites love their PBR. Texas searched Facebook the most and in Arkansas it was Walmart.

Here in North Dakota, the top searched brand is Chevrolet.

The complete list is interesting to say the least. In Oklahoma, the Sooners like to search for Skyy Vodka compared to New Mexico's search of Patron Tequila and Arizona's search of Jose Cuervo. Next door to NoDak in Montana, their top search is Dodge.

(Source- Huffington