With the Christmas shopping in full swing, this list released today can come in handy. The list of the most popular toy for each state.

This list is compiled by E Bay. If you're the parent of youngsters, this list will come in handy. Some of the top toys this holiday season include Legos, Barbie and of course Video Games.

Next door in Minnesota, the top toy is the Barbie Fashion Doll Clothing Set. The neighboring state to the West, Montana, the top toy would be The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker. To the South in South Dakota, the honors go to Mega Bloks HALO Covenant Scarab Building.

Andrew Burton / Getty Images

In NoDak, our top toy is Littlest Pet Shop Horse Pet and Horse Friend.

You can see all fifty states top toy here according to Business Insider.

(source- Business Insider)


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