Every state has that one thing, that one event that defines the state. For example, in Alaska, it would be the Iditarod. Nebraska would be the College World Series. What could it be for North Dakota?

Thrillist came up with the best event for each state. You know, something the state can hang its hat on. Something that the state is super-duper proud of. Some of these events are very easy to guess. I'm from Louisiana so I know the big event is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. In Iowa and Minnesota, it's the State Fair.

So what event defines North Dakota? Right off the bat, I'm thinking State Fair? Nope, it's not the State Fair. What about Rib Fest in Bismarck? No sir, that's not it either. I got it! The Musical at Medora! Nope! That's not it either!

According to Thrillist, the signature event, the event you can't miss in North Dakota is the Motor Magic Festival in Minot. Really?? I never heard of it but I guess I need to get out to Minot more. Thrillist said about the Motor Magic

The biggest auto show in the Upper Midwest is hard to verify, but they’ve still got cool military vehicle demonstrations, classic cars, and dirt track/drag racing.


Cooper Neill/ Getty Images

By the way, the same website also has a list of the worst about each state in the union, for North Dakota, it's tourism, as we are the least visited state. I think we like it that way!

What do you think? Can you think of any other event that is bigger or better than the Motor Magic?

(source- Yahoo.com)