24/7 Wall St. recently revealed the poorest town in each state in the country. The term poor is relative. What one area of the country considers poor, another section of the country or group may not see the same. It varies from person to person and county to county.

You're asking, how did 24/7 Wall St determined the poorest town in each state? According to the website-

To identify the poorest town in each state, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed median  household incomes for every town with populations of 25,000 or less in each  state from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS). Due to  relatively small sample sizes for town-level data, all social and economic  figures are based on five-year estimates for the period 2009-2013.  We did not consider towns where the margin of  error at 90% confidence was greater than 10% of the point estimate of both  median household income and population.

The ironic fact about the poorest town is NoDak has a higher average annual income than those towns on the list. That would be a bit of a consolation.

Devils Lake is reported to be the poorest town in the state.

  • median household income $40,309
  • population 7,166
  • poverty rate 12.6%

According to the results-

Located just above Devils Lake and the Spirit Lake Reservation, the town of  Devils Lake had a median household income of $40,309, the lowest in the state,  but not especially low compared to the nation. The difference between incomes in  Devils Lake and Horace — North Dakota’s richest town — was $45,762, one of the  smaller such gaps reviewed.

The complete list for the entire country in here.

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