Ever wonder why people and companies spend so much time, resources and money on studies like this? Here we have a list of the states that wear the highest heels. Wonder where North Dakota falls (no pun) in this survey?

Gilt.com conducted this survey and if you're thinking that New York ladies (and men?) wear the highest heels in the country, You'd be wrong! Texas, the home of big hair is also the home of BIG HEELS! It seems as though the South do love those heels.

According to Gilt.com

"Gilt data scientist Igor Elbert and data analyst Debbie Chung examined average heel heights of shoes purchased on Gilt from January 2013 to January 2014. Their findings? When averaged, the highest heels weren't purchased in New York City or Los Angeles. Out of the 50 states, Florida took the cake, with an average height of 2.46 inches.

Here are the leaders in inches-

Florida     2.46

Texas      2.35

Arkansas 2.45

Frazer Harrison /Getty Images

And now for North Dakota! It seems as though even with the slush of the snow, we still like our heels high! NoDak range is fairly high with heels in the 2.22-2.29 inch range! Now that's reaching for the stars!

Check out the complete list and see if you agree!

(sources- Mike.com and Gilt.com)