It's that time of year,you made your list. You checked it twice now you got to figure how to tip those that are nice? You know those in your life such as teachers, doorman, valet, hair dressers and mailman. Is there a guide? Of course there is!

According to Tell It Like It, Christmas tipping is like paying it forward to those people that assist you in everyday life. The hairdresser or barber, mail carrier, trash collector and the waiter or waitress. Thanks goodness jingle bells that they came up with a guide for tipping during the holiday season.

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Your boss- no need to give your boss a gift. It's best to start a office pool and get a gift from the staff.

Babysitter- one  nights pay in cash or a gift card.

Mail carrier- Government regulations do not allow U.S. Postal Service workers to receive cash gifts. A non-monetary gift under $20 is appropriate. FedEx drivers can receive tips and gifts, but they should not exceed $75. UPS prefers its drivers to receive gifts, rather than cash, but leaves it to the customer's discretion.

Newspaper person- $10-$30

Dog groomer or walker- cash gift to one day or one weeks pay in cash or gift card.

School bus driver or city bus driver- A $10-$20 gift card. If cash gifts are not allowed under the company policy, a nice gift is a pair of driving gloves.

Hair stylist- A cash gift equal to one visit.

Then there are those that you shouldn't tip according to the USA Today, and they include doctors, dentists, accountants or anyone who is a salaried employee. It would be appropriate to give them a small gift during the holidays, like a tin of cookies.

Diane Gottsman, Etiquette Expert offers a complete list for just about everyone that provides you with a service throughout the year. They've been loyal to you all year, it's this time of the year where you show your appreciation.

It's always best to spread Christmas cheer!

(source- USA, Tell It Like It