I wondered, is North Dakota one of the windiest states in the country?  I'm a curious lad and this great career of mine has taken me all over this great country, The South, the Midwest, the West. The South, particularly, along the gulf coast in Louisiana was some what windy but not as windy on a consistent daily basis as here in  North Dakota.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

My question got the best of me so, being very inquisitive,  I Googled- The Windiest State in the US? Google took me to ASK.COM and this is what came up-

You cannot certainly say that a particular state is the windiest because this will depend on external factors such as weather conditions and seasons. However, the windiest States are located off the coasts, in the mountains right down through the Great Plains. For this reason, the windiest states would be North Dakota, Texas, Kansas, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Minnesota. It is also in these cities where you will find resources such as wind turbines.

For what it's worth, according to City Top Lists.com, Bismarck is not in the top 100 for windiest cities, although Fargo did make the list, coming in at #23 with an annual average wind speed of 12 MPH.

Really? Bismarck did not make the top 100 of the windiest cities? I demand a recount! Hold on to your hat, it's a skirt alert, more windy days lie ahead in Bismarck and North Dakota. You betcha!

(source ASK.com & City Top Lists.com)