According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), North Dakotans like to drink...a lot.

It seems that if you live in North Dakota, you've probably taken a liking to liquor. A study published by the American Journal of Public Health focusing on drinkers over the age of 21, found that North Dakota is one of three midwest states with the highest rate of binge drinking in the country.

In fact, four counties in the state registered on the list for the 10 highest binge-drinking and heavy drinking counties in the country, compiled by the IHME.

Here are the 10 drunkest counties in North Dakota:

  1. Renville County - Listed as fourth in the country for binge drinking. 34.2% of adults over the age of 21 living there are binge drinkers.
  2. Steele County - Listed fifth in the country for binge drinking at 33.6%.
  3. Nelson County - Listed sixth in the country for binge drinking at 33.5%
  4. Burke County - Listed tenth in the country for binge drinking at 33%, even with less than 2,000 residents.
  5. Sioux County - Listed as second in the country for heavy drinking. 21.4% of residents of age reporting this behavior.
  6. Rolette Count - Third in the country for heavy drinking at 19.6% of residents reporting.
  7. Cass County - It's no secret that the city of Fargo has the highest number of liquor stores in the country. Also, home to a college town (NDSU)
  8. Grand Forks County - Like Cass County, it's home to another college town (UND).
  9. Morton County - Most of Morton County's residents live in Mandan. Their breweries helped them make this list.
  10. Bottineau County - It may only have 7,000 residents, but has the second higher number of liquor stores per capita.

There you have it, North Dakotans like their alcohol. It's not necessarily the list you want your county to make, especially in terms of your county's health. Let's just think of it as North Dakotans work hard, so they play hard as well. Please drink responsibly, everyone.

Source: Only In Your State