Ladies - aren't yoga pants one of the most comfortable things to wear? And let's not forget how great they make us look. While yoga pants are becoming more and more popular, the question of where to wear them comes up quite a bit.

Are yoga pants acceptable to wear when you are "dressing up" for a business meeting or a night out? They look like a pair of black dress pants, so they should be acceptable, right? Wrong. Some people still consider yoga pants a form of sweatpants, which is not acceptable for the office.

I believe you should wear what you feel comfortable in. If that's yoga pants, and your office or date is fine with it, more power to you. But, if your office has a "no yoga pants" policy, then leave them at the gym. No matter what you're wearing, make sure you feel confident in yourself.

Where do you wear your yoga pants at? Have you ever been told they weren't acceptable?