Does anybody happen to have $20,000 I could borrow?

A Song of Ice and Fire author and Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin is teaming up with to make the offer of a lifetime for any ASOIAF or Thrones fan: when you make a donation to The Food Depot and Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, you could win a chance to have a character named after you -- and, naturally, killed off -- in an upcoming Ice and Fire book.

And it'll only cost you $20,000. A chance to have breakfast with Martin is the reward for a $15,000 donation, and $7,500 will get you a chance to attend the show's season five premiere.

Seems steep, but it truly is for a good cause (check out the links above). And there are other prizes offered, such as a $50 t-shirt, for the more regular Joe's who donate.

If I could make this happen, my wife would be over the moon... and I'd be off the hook for every time I've ever messed up or ever will! So, uh... hit me up?