Who really likes to talk about money? Most people don't want to talk FICO scores, savings, debt or future fiscal goals. Why? Why are our bank accounts secret places we dare to share?

Fear, fear that we will be judged,rejected or gossiped about. Financial health taught from an early age can help kids save for college,cars and their future. Check out the great work that took place at the "Real World Financial Literacy Camp" this past Monday where 6th graders tackled their future financial planning.

I personally have worked since I was 14 and have had to own the responsibility of making smart fiscal decisions. Here are a few quick lessons I have picked up:

1) Pay cash for what you want.

2) Save at least 10% of your income.

3) Plan for everything vacation's, emergencies, insurance.

4) Avoid debt- unless it's education or homeowner opportunities that are long term beneficial.

5) Know where you stand- check your credit, review your credit report for errors, employers often check your credit to judge your credibility and responsibility in the workplace.

6) Surround yourself with SMART money people- 3 names I think of Joe Sheehan of Cornerstone Bank, Suze Orman of MSNBC and Dave Ramsey.Have friends who have the same financial goals and commitments.Invest in yourself and making wise financial decisions, your future will thank you later.