YouTuber Eric Jacobs, better known to his more than 80,000 subscribers as the 'Nomadic Fantatic,' recently made his way through North Dakota and documented his journey along the way.

Jacobs has been living in a recreational vehicle since 2010 and posted his first video to YouTube in 2013, according to The Bismarck Tribune.

His travels have taken him all over the country and recently brought him to North Dakota, where he first stopped at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park to get a glimpse of the state's Badlands. You can see video of Jacobs' first North Dakota stop above.

Also documented in the video is Jacobs' experience with North Dakota's Blue Law, which wouldn't allow him to shop at Walmart before 12 p.m. on Sunday. He was also not allowed to park his RV for the night in Dickinson's Walmart parking lot, as there were signs posted everywhere forbidding it.

The 'Nomadic Fanatic' followed up his stop in Dickinson with a trip to Crown Butte Lake, where he and his cat, Jax, camped for the night:

Along with constantly updating his YouTube channel with new videos, Jacobs also updates his Facebook page with pictures of his travels:

Jacobs and Jax have no plans of calling it quits on their RV trips any time soon. As you can see from the above videos, they still have a lot of the country left to explore.

You can follow the 'Nomadic Fanatic' on YouTube HERE.

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