ZAGOT went to every state in the union and found, in their opinion, the 50 best pizza's in the country. One great pizza from each state. So, having said that, where is the BEST PIZZA in NORTH DAKOTA? Drum Roll Please... According to Zagot, you'd have to travel to Fargo and dine at Sammy's Pizzeria and Restaurant.  Order the sausage pie. According to ZAGOT

Sammy's has been slinging classic American pies for more than 50 years, and its old-school digs remain practically unchanged. The crust is not too thin and not too thick, the sauce is nicely seasoned, and pies emerge appealingly bubbly from the oven. You don't want to corrupt this formula with too many toppings: Italian sausage rounds it out nicely.

Ross Land /Getty Images

Do you agree with ZAGOT? Does Bismarck have an outstanding pizza?