Just how happy are you to go to work? It seems like we in North Dakota are much happier to go punch the time clock compared to those in Minnesota!

A new study released this week listed to states that people are the happiest to go to work, and the states where folks are the least happy to go to work.

Minnesota, Illinois, Utah and Michigan are the states with the lowest level of employee engagement.  The survey defined engagement as

When employees are engaged - meaning, they're committed to their employer's goals and values, motivated to contribute to its success, and dedicated to enhancing their own sense of well-being - they tend to be more productive and innovative, have greater job satisfaction and fewer accidents, and call in sick less often, among many other things.

In a nutshell, employees are happy and share the same values and vision as their employer. The study was conducted by Engage for Success. The numbers come from 166,409 Gallup Daily Tracking interviews among full-time and part-time workers conducted between January 2013 and December 2014.

The most engaging states are Montana, followed by Louisiana and Mississippi.

North Dakota fared well with the second highest employee engagement with South Dakota and Wyoming.

Gallup/ AOL.com

You can get the complete results here.