Adam Levine is a romantic!

When the Maroon 5 frontman, who's dated a string of lingerie models over the years, decided he wanted to settle down with Victoria's Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo, he went about it in a very traditional, super cute way.

Prinsloo, 24, told 'Entertainment Tonight Canada' that Levine, 34, got down on one knee to ask for her hand. How chivalrous!

"It was serious," she said of Levine's proposal. "It was very old school." As for the rock, which looks like it weighs about 60 pounds -- in the best way, of course -- Prinsloo giggled, "It's perfect."

As for when they plan on actually tying the knot, Prinsloo and Levine are in no rush. She told host Roz Weston, "You know, it's one day at a time with this -- and just kind of celebrating with friends and family."

No doubt that Levine's tour schedule, 'The Voice' filming and Prinsloo's skivvie shoots are going to keep them tied up for a while -- but congrats to Prinsloo on finally tying Levine down!