The Arrested Development Season 5 premiere may get a few hop-ons. That’s the word literally driving around town, as a new Netflix promotion reveals the Bluths’ fifth season will be driving up to your Netflix account before May is out.

Netflix has yet to formally announce a premiere, but a promotional Bluth stair-car has been spotted driving around New York City (h/t UPROXX) with an explicit premiere announcement. Creator Mitch Hurwitz promised Season 5 would be coming “real soon,” while star Henry Winkler teased “midsummer,” though the stair-car seems to split the difference with a solid May 29. UPDATE: The first trailer is available above!

Given the surprise release of Season 4’s remixed “Fateful Consequences,” it makes sense that Netflix wouldn’t wait long to announce and premiere the first traditionally-shot Arrested Development season since the original 2006 ending. If you’ll notice, the stair-car also has a link to, though the website doesn’t appear to be active just yet (save a telling banana in the top left corner). The link will presumably feature themed promotion around Lindsay Bluth’s bid for Congress, as was established in the final episodes of Season 4.

Elsewhere of Arrested Development Season 5, the full cast of Winkler, Alia Shawkat, Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Jessica Walter, Tony Hale, and Portia de Rossi will return, spending “much more” time together after Season 4 kept their characters apart. We’ve still heard no update on reports of a prequel format said to minimize cast commitment, though we know Season 5 will continue the murder-mystery begun by Season 4’s finale.

We’ve reached out to Netflix for confirmation, so stay tuned.

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