Someone needs to tell Justin Bieber to check his pants before leaving the gym, and SNL doesn't want us to forget about "The Mooch" just yet. These are this morning's PopBits.

The Biebs was photographed leaving the gym earlier this week, and since his fans can't let a single photo go without poring over it, they — en masse — revealed they'd spotted something a bit suspicious. Bieber's gym shorts definitely had some kind of white substance on the outside. We'll leave it up to Twitter to fill you in on the (not-so) educated guesses.

SNL's Weekend Update is in the midst of a summer special, and couldn't resist the chance to lambast Anthony Scaramucci's brief political career. Former cast member Bill Hader returned for a special appearance as "The Mooch," and like the real deal, was here and gone far too quickly.

There's a solar eclipse event on the horizon, and South Carolina isn't taking any chances when it comes to the safety of its citizens. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division has warned Lee and Sumter counties that they should be aware of potential increased Lizardmen activity during the eclipse, and that if any humans having parties see something, they should say something.

The actors and activists had a baby girl late last month, though details of the birth came weeks later. Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder is the first child for the couple, who married in 2015. No matter who the child takes after, she will be a very beautiful kid.

The awesome female-centric original series GLOW has just gotten the greenlight for a second season on Netflix. Now we can finally find out what happens when the cameras are on, and the girls have to put on a whole season's worth of wrestling storylines.

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