We're waiting for this pooch to get its own Twitter account like its mom's other "new'ish" pup Hannah!

Britney Spears has added to her canine family and adopted a new dog. She shared a photo of the mini and adorable ball of white fur, which fits right in the palm of her hands.

Mama Brit didn't tell us the breed or the name of her new bundle of joy, but we think it's a girl, since she has a pink bow atop her head. Aww.

Brit tweeted: "Say good morning to my new baby people."

Now her pup Hannah, who has reportedly been very sick lately, has a new playmate. So do her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

We can't get over how freakin' cute the latest Spears' pooch is.

Now that Brit Brit is single, having split with fiance Jason Trawick earlier this year, she is filling her life with unconditional love via her pets that she can easily tote around and snuggle up with. Ease of portability is critical, especially if the singer is headed off to Las Vegas for a residency, which Hannah seemed to confirm via Twitter.

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