Kris Higbee and her daughter were our HOT 975 and MODE Summer Roadtrip winners to see the "Moonshine Jungle" tour with Bruno Mars and Ellie Goulding in the Twin Cities. Here's Kris's email to me after the show at the Xcel Energy Center on Sunday.

"Hi Mia-I'm sorry I wasn't able to get in contact with you yesterday but my phone is broke. You can give me a buzz at work whenever you get a chance. The concert was awesome ....had a great time! We took two photos with Ellie! Thank you for everything! Also, thank you to Mode and Hot 97.5 for sponsoring this awesome mother-daughter trip! :) "

The Higbee's rocking with Ellie Goulding

Where will HOT 975 send you on a summer roadtrip next year?