It's a case of "he said, he said," as R&B stars Chris Brown and Drake are pointing the finger at each other over last June's nightclub brawl, where a battle bottle ensued between their crews. The fight took place at NYC hotspot W.I.P.

The Daily News reports that French model Romain Julien, who was caught in the crossfire, filed a suit, which legally forced Breezy and Drizzy to respond. They have taken to blaming one another, of course. These are not lawsuits, but rather, each man's account of the events and why they believe the other is responsible for Julien's injuries.

Brown's story: he was not drunk and knows nothing of a note insulting Rihanna, which was said to have started the epic battle. Julien's injuries are the fault of "unidentified individuals who were unassociated with Brown and not by Brown or any individuals under his control." He basically says take it up with Drake, yo!

Drake's story: any injuries sustained by Julien are not Drake's fault. Rather, the blame lies with Brown and the club owners.