Being a single mother and a survivor of domestic abuse, this nominee's kids have been through so much. With them being so young and having to witness domestic abuse and then have to go through it themselves has really changed her children. They are so young yet they know so much. Even as young as they are, the kids helped the family get away and put their Dad behind bars for trying to kill the family. This nominee's kids have been through a lot and they know what it feels like to be hurt and have seen her hurt, but have always said to her "its OK mom, don't cry we are here for you and we love you". They are truly a blessing and they are her heroes.

It's been three years since that horrible night, and since then the family has moved here to Bismarck, ND and she is a college student in a Bachelors Program for Criminal Justice. The kids all go to school locally, and are doing very well.

This is just to give you a taste of some of the things her kids have been through, and to let you know they are her heroes.