Nominee Two is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and worked with the state of ND for 32 years. During that time, he worked primarily with the sex-offender treatment program. He retired from the state in 2006. In 1991, he began working for Batterer's treatment program. He has dedicated many years of his life to treating very difficult populations of people, and he does it with a lot of dignity and respect. He married his significant other in 1978 and have four children. They have been very dedicated to their church for years, have been volunteering at the monastery and did premarital counseling for their church.

Over the past few years, his wife has had some health problems. She was diagnosed with COPD, and also Cirrhosis of the liver related to a gastric bypass surgery that she had in her twenties. In October, she passed away. She had been sick, but nothing major. Nobody expected her to die. She went into the ICU on a Sunday. Her kidneys shut down and her family, including her husband, had to decide to take her off of life support. It was very unexpected and heartbreaking. He is now alone at a time when he and his wife should be growing old together.

In spite of his loss, he continues to volunteer at the monastery, and is looking for more places to volunteer. He also continues to work and offers his expertise in working with Domestic Violence Batterer's. Although he is grieving and having a very hard time, he continues to be a huge support for his family. He deserves to be recognized for his years of working with difficult populations, and doing whatever he can to help people. He is suffering now because of losing his wife - his best friend and the person he spent more time with than anyone. This is his first Christmas without his wife and he deserves to have as amazing of a holiday that he can.