This nominee was admitted into the hospital in June with a fever. He had to undergo a lumbar puncture (spinal tap), a series of x-rays, Cat scans, and tests. It was determined he had abnormal urine and multiple lesions on both of his lungs. They began consulting specialists, and writing possible illnesses on his board before finding out what was wrong. He and his family went through a roller coaster ride. Pastors visited daily with prayer. He began developing lesions on the body, putting him in a critical state.

In July, doctors narrowed it down to two suspected diseases. Lymphomatoid Granuolomotis, a rare form of cancer of the blood. His wife began to make arrangements for Mayo Clinic but by mid-afternoon a twist of fate came through. The biopsies provided a surprising result of a severe fungal infection cause by bat droppings in dust by inhalation. The infection is septic meaning it's in his entire body and blood. He spent roughly 5 hours a day at the hospital for 22 days of continued infusions. The medications made him very ill with severe side effects.  He also developed fluid around his heart and his kidneys are not functioning well. Four months into treatment, the lesions on his lungs have barely receded. He is on a slow path to recovery.

Since falling ill, he now has a back issue; doctor visits have revealed multiple bulged discs and one that is ruptured or protruded. He is receiving unemployment, which is the family’s only source of income. His wife suffers from a chronic illness and has been unable to work for 3 years. They have two daughters to provide for and have fallen behind on bills and expenses.

His family would be very appreciative and grateful for this. They do not really want to celebrate Christmas because of this. Please help them get hope back.

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