Teaching is her dream job, but in September this nominee fainted and was taken to the hospital. Following a CT scan and an MRI, doctors found a mass in her brain. In October, she was sent to Rochester. Doctors there diagnosed her with a benign, but very large, tumor in her brain near her pineal gland. This prevents fluid that's draining into the body from being reabsorbed.

She will be heading back to Rochester in December for surgery to reroute this fluid or it may result in Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) that increases pressure and could result in brain damage. Doctors will try to remove as much of the tumor as possible and a biopsy will be taken. Chemotherapy or radiation may follow depending on her results. Her husband, their two children (age 4 and 1), along with her parents, family and friends hope for positive results.

They would really appreciate any help they can receive regarding funds, prayers, and thoughts. The bills add up fast for them and it's difficult for the family to keep up. It's hard for everyone to hear bad news and we hope everything's okay. As her husband put it in an email to everyone he works with, "you guys really are family."

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