The light switch has officially been flipped.  Get ready for some significantly colder weather for the second half of October in Bismarck Mandan.  In fact, after tonight you can expect overnight lows to be cold enough to snow just about every night for the rest of October.  That's right, lot's of 20's in the forecast for overnight lows.

Now with overnight temps that cold, it means in theory, if we received some precipitation it could be cold enough to snow.  That MIGHT be the case this weekend.  There is a chance for rain Friday night in Bismarck Mandan and we could wake up to a dusting of snow.  That's right, some accumulation is possible according to some weather services.  Now, we're not talking a storm, or snow you would have to shovel, but still you might want to think about putting away the yard furniture.  Yep, that cold for the rest of October.  Lot's of 40's for highs and plenty of 20's for lows.  We might not see 50 degrees again until Halloween weekend.

Accuweather screenshot
Accuweather screenshot

Okay, lets put this in perspective.  Yes, it's colder but do you remember what Bismarck Mandan looked like a year ago at this time?  It was a Winter wonderland with over 17 inches of snow that had just fallen.  Other parts of the state got up to 3 feet of snow.  So, I'll take the cooler weather and maybe a few flakes.  Still, a lot better the Fall of 2019.  I was just really hoping for one last nice lake weekend.  Oh, well!



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