A father is refusing to pay for his daughter's wedding after she snubbed his current wife by not inviting to her wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the father is torn and wondering if he made the right decision.

"My daughter is getting married in the autumn. I am supposed to pay for the wedding. That's what we agreed on," the man wrote in his Reddit post.

He added they received the save the date invitations "a few days after I put the payments through my bank, but they need to be approved, so no money has been paid yet."

"I have been divorced [from my daughter's mum] for 15 years and married to my wife now for eight years," the 58-year-old man wrote. "My daughter never really liked my wife. They didn't get along well. My other two kids love her."

"I called my daughter and asked her why my wife isn't invited," he continued. "She said that it is her wedding day, and she only wants to invite her real family."

The man explained that when he asked his daughter if she invited her mother's boyfriend to the nuptials, his daughter replied, "Yes."

The man told his daughter that he would not be paying for the wedding if his wife wasn't invited.

The daughter refused to compromise on her wedding guest list, so the man canceled all pending payments.

The man's daughter is now "super pissed" at him, as is his ex-wife.

"My wife is 61. I met her five years after my divorce. My daughter and wife never got along, she took her mom's side during the divorce and our relationship has been rocky ever since," the dad concluded.

His post went viral on Reddit with over 3,300 comments.

"It's your money, and you get to spend it how you want. Your daughter can decide who she wants at her wedding, and you can decide not to pay for it," one user commented.

"It's also his wife's money, so she's not invited but has to pay?" another user questioned.

"She has every right to decide who is at her wedding, but you have every right to decide to support your wife in this. Especially if she doesn't like her simply because you married after her mother," someone wrote.

"Absolutely, she can choose who attends, and he can choose what he pays for," someone else weighed in. "Not sure why the daughter thought he would pay after that?"

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