"Combining old fashion service....

                                 ....with today's technology!"


Dakota Pharmacy provides an incredibly unique combination of medication integrated with nutrition and natural medicine, as well as customized compounded prescriptions for the individual coupled with customized care that best addresses a patient’s special needs.

Founded: 1967

Bismarck Pharmacy (now Dakota Pharmacy) was located inside the Quain & Ramstad Clinic when Tony Welder purchased it in 1983. There was a staff of three, including Pharmacist Kevin Oberlander, who is now the owner. In 1995, the pharmacy moved from the clinic/Medcenter One building to 717 East Main, allowing for great parking and the area's first drive-through pharmacy window. Over the years, the business and staff grew and in 2006, moved to a larger building at 705 East Main Avenue in Bismarck. Kevin Oberlander became the owner as of November 2008.
The staff now includes pharmacists, technicians, nurses, and two Naturopath. Besides filling prescriptions, the practice includes high-quality nutritional products, acupuncture, diabetes care and medication consults, compounding of special medications and therapeutic shoes for diabetes. Health screenings are done on-site and in business settings for the convenience of the business' staff. Screenings include bone densities, blood pressure, blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C's, PSA's and more.

"We are not just a "drug store" anymore, but part of the total health care system."

Led by: Kevin Oberlaner R.Ph.

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Dakota Pharmacy, Natural Health Center, and Precision Rx Compounding Labs are a diversified Pharmacy group with many services to offer.