Demi Lovato has an awesome relationship with her fans, proven once again by the fan-assisted lyric video for her newest single ‘Really Don’t Care,' which features vocals from Cher Lloyd.

The video features Lovatics taking turns singing along to the upbeat (and in-sane-ly catchy) break-up song. They were filmed waiting in line for shows on the Neon Lights Tour, dancing in front of a screen, in the crowd at a Demi concert, and, for one lucky girl, on stage with Demi. How cool is that?!

Fans are decked out in full Lovatic gear, rocking Demi t-shirts, bandanas, and neon face paint to show their support. They’re clearly big fans, which makes it that much better when the ‘Heart Attack’ singer surprises some of the lip-syncers by joining them for the sing-along. The reactions are too funny — and totally understandable.

Demi even managed to get her crew involved in the action. There are more than a few security guards and venue personnel who make an appearance, and they, of course, know the song lyrics too. Isn’t everyone a Lovatic?

Check out the video up above!