Just to be clear with this story. I was having lunch today and on my way back to the truck, I heard a dog barking. Right next to my truck was a car with the windows cracked and a beautiful golden retriever in the back seat.

The time was about 3:00 PM and the temperature in the truck was 80 degrees. The temperature went to 84 degrees as I was driving back to the office. To be fair, let's say it was 82 degrees.

Again, complete disclosure, the occupants of the car, I noticed walking in the store as I was walking out. They were only in the store for about 10 minutes. Now that we have the facts, even 10 minutes is too long to keep your dog or pet in the car waiting for you, even with the windows cracked. I'm sure the owners meant no harm, but even for a short time, to leave your pet inside a car or truck on a 80 degree day is just not right.

Don't do this to someone you love and to someone that loves you unconditionally.

Don't do it!