This seems like it's the first law of it's kind in the nation. In Minneapolis, the city council passed a law the requires music venues in the city to make available to patrons free ear plugs. The city council approved the measure that goes into effect on April 19th.

Richard Heathcote/ Getty Images

Some live music venues already sell ear plugs and those music venues say they would lose money if they have to give the plugs away for free.  The measure was introduced by Ward 3 City Councilman Jacob Frey, who represents neighborhoods around the University of Minnesota. In his opinion and apparently favored by the rest of the city council, hearing loss at such venues and events are a growing problem.

A coalition of private funders will make the earplugs available. This law will effect over 180 live music venues in Minneapolis.

Would you support the same kind of law for the Bismarck-Mandan area? Is this local government over stepping their boundary?

(Source- Minnesota Daily)