In the least surprising news of the day, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm of 'The Bachelorette' have called it quits just three months after they got engaged on the show, making them the eleventy-millionth couple from the franchise to go belly-up.

Seems Maynard, who's apparently a floozy of epic proportions, was allegedly caught exchanging dirty texts with Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart -- thus hastening the demise of a couple that was never going to stay together once the cameras stopped rolling anyway.

But even though all this happened a while ago, the pair stayed together for appearances' sake. (Or, most likely, because their contracts said they had to.)

“I don’t want anyone to have this image that we’re this perfect couple, you know. We’re people and we’re striving to do our best," Holm said back in September. "But we’re like anyone else in the world; we’re not perfect. But we’re happy, we’re extremely happy ... We’re figuring it out. We’re just figuring it out.”

But earlier this month, at a charity event for his own company, Holm was spotted "figuring it out" with another woman in a whole "don't get mad, get even" sort of way since that's what mature adults do. And on Tuesday, Oct. 16, Holm changed his relationship status on Facebook from "engaged" to "single."

Because, as with almost everything else in life, it's just not official unless you do it on Facebook.