When building a new home or commercial building be sure to have a plan on what your power requirements will need to be. If your looking to operate a large piece of specialty equipment be sure to do your research and know what the appropriate power level is for it to operate. By doing this your protecting yourself and your workspace.

Questions for the Electrician Expert:

Q: What if I want to wire my own garage or home will I save money?
A: It may save you money but I strongly urge that you have your work inspected by a professional and everything is up to code. By doing so you'll ensure everything was done correctly with the project. If its not you may have to have the work redone by a professional which would increase the cost.

Q: What do I have for power for my special equipment?
A: When running special equipment such as welders or power washers its imperative that there is antiquate Amps for everything to run properly. You also have to ensure your garage or shop is properly wired to handle the increased electrical current. This can be done with some simple tests by a master electrician.